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Conceptual Tengwar fonts (38 fonts at the moment, by ten artists!)


Non-Tolkienian pictures

Quenta SilmarillionAprilis 2002
Template with Gandalf's sign (for printing)Aprilis 2002
Amergin's Poem in Ogham (what is Ogham?)Aprilis 2002
Máratulië!Febrvarivs 2002
Numenor's mapFebrvarivs 2002
Balin's TombFebrvarivs 2002
The Red BookIanvarivs 2002
To the Sea, to the Sea! (in outdated Hebrew Tengwar mode)November 2001
And in the darkness bind themNovember 2001
Wizards' saying: I II IIIOctober 2001


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Tolkien J.R.R. The Mellonath Daeron Index of Tengwar Specimina (DTS)
The Mellonath Daeron Index of Certh Specimina (DCS)

DTS 2 (?)The Jacket Ring-inscription (Jacket of the Fellowship of the Ring)(trans.: *ptr)
DTS 4, 5
DCS 1, 2
Title page of the Lord of the Rings(trans.: upper; lower)
DTS 7Inscription of the Ring, the(trans.: *ptr)
DTS 8Inscription of the west gate of Moria, The(trans.: *ptr)
DCS 6Balin's Tomb(trans.: upper; lower)
DCS 11Top Page from the Book of Mazarbul
DTS 13
DCS 12
Middle Page from the Book of Mazarbul
DTS 14
DCS 13
Last Page from the Book of Mazarbul
DTS 16Errantry(a part of *ptr)
DTS 17Adventures of Tom Bombadil, The I(a variant of *ptr)
DTS 18Adventures of Tom Bombadil, The II(a variant of *ptr)
DTS 20Namárië: I II(trans.: *ptr)
DTS 21A Elbereth (Aerlinn in Edhil o Imladris)(trans.: *ptr)
DTS 26Frodo's greeting: I II III(trans.: *ptr)
DTS 37The Two Towers Jacket(trans.: *ptr)
DTS 38The Return of the King Jacket(trans.: *ptr)
DTS 48The King's Letter, First Version(trans.: *ptr)
DTS 49The King's Letter, Third Version(trans.: *ptr)
Thror's map(trans.: *ptr)
DTS 50Edwin Lowdham's Manuscript, Text I: I II
DTS 51Edwin Lowdham's Manuscript, Text II
Andriës D. Daniel
Derdzinski Ryszard
Dombach Florian
Fauskanger Helge
Garbowski Maciej
Korablev Leonid
Lindberg Per and
Måns Björkman
Loback Tom
Noy Nofar
Shapiro Boris and
Olga Kukhtenkova
Stopa Karolina
Whitemore Joel and
Cashen Kevin
Wynne Patrick