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The Hebrew Tolkien Society is using Ort's Clickit system for its forums. Note that in almost all aspects of its activity, the main language in use is, well... Hebrew.

If you are using Big Brother's Internet Explorer, use those links:

If you are using Mozilla or one of its derivatives, which is a wise thing to do, you should use those links: Note that Ort's support in non-IE browsers is quite poor: you can write in the forum using Mozilla or any other non-IE browser, but you will have to code your message in HTML (i.e. using <br> for line-breaking, <b> and </b> for bolding, etc).
If you want to nag Ort about their Microsoft®-centered view, asking them to add better support for non-IE browsers, write in this forum (alternative version) or contact them through this page.

May the Giant Lizard protect you!